Last year in November my husband and I purchased our first home-our first and last.  It's been an amazing journey thus far and we sure have learned a lot already...like being a homeowner is a lot of hard work but extremely gratifying as well.  We feel blessed.

I have started to collect seasonal wreathes to accompany the front door.  Could this be for Spring and Summer?  I love the movement of this piece and just how fresh and green this looks.  It is so life affirming just to look at don't you think?  I do love the idea of decorating and I'm beginning to get the hang of it.  If your like me and don't know quite where to start I think you can't go wrong with a wreathe on your door to symbolize the seasons.

Who would have ever thought a welcome mat could hold such value?  Well, it does for me.  

When we moved into this house the original front porch light fixtures were in place.  The only catch was they had been taken by the birds for their nests and they seemed to be making one nest after another in preparation for more baby chicks.  We felt so bad about kicking them out and therefore it took us six months to finally get our own light fixtures in.  

Mr. Turtle came with the house and I decided to keep him for sentimental reasons.  

Thanks for being here today as I share the beginnings of our own nesting place.