The summer days are just about to pass into fall and I wanted to share this lovely dessert that I make every year-especially in the warmth of the summer.  Strawberry Shortcake is possibly the perfect treat to serve your family.

It's healthy, simple to make, inexpensive and absolutely delicious.  I'm not going to spin out a recipe here for you because if you have some fresh strawberries on hand and some whipping cream you can make several different variations of shortcake.  I have used angel food, gram cracker crust, butter loaf and even vanilla wafers.  It really doesn't matter because it's impossible to go wrong with strawberries and cream.

One thing I love to do is add orange zest to the mixture or some cocoa which mingles in deliciously with the flavors.  Sometimes we eat the strawberries fresh while other times I add sugar and allow the fruit to caramelize and create a syrup of it's own.  You can use Cool Whip or pure whipping cream and even vanilla bean ice cream.

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.  Wouldn't you agree?